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    Using SEO to increase traffic to your site…. @GFL Latest News

    Using SEO to increase traffic to your site….

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    In todays online world with literally billions of pages added every year, the competition is fierce for positioning your website ahead of the competition.


    The aim of SEO is to position your website using target keywords to reach the top of search engines. This is a form of passive marketing, which will be working on your behalf, 24-7 so potential clients will find you anytime.


    These are the 5 main techniques that I will expand upon as time progresses.

    1. Keyword Research


    You will need to identify the Keywords that your target audience are likely to use. You can look at the top sites for your search and wonder, how did they get there.

    They most likely have a team dedicated to this daily, but that is not going to stop you competing with them.
    Running campaigns over months can get you there, enlisting an SEO outsource partner. Or, if you do have the time to research, do this yourself.


    2. On-Page SEO

    A technique that we employ is to upload many pages that contain similar content, so that when people conduct typical searches for specific keywords, the website has already been indexed enough times and will appear much higher up.

    Consistency is also vital. Whether you are blogging, or creating new geographical pages for SEO, or just updating your site in general, if you do this one a monthly/weekly basis and submit to search engines, your listings will improve dramatically.

    3. Content Marketing


    4. Building Links


    5. Blogging.